Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Explain To Me A Little More About How This Works?

The Follow Us platform enables businesses that service a geographic region to organically grow their relevant Twitter and Instagram following to generate new and ongoing business. Follow Us replaces the work and cost of a team of social media gurus with a few minutes worth of work and a low monthly fee.

Follow Us subscribers receive daily emails that log you (or whomever you put in charge of this) into your Follow Us account, where you simply look at and respond to the recommended action items on the list. The person performing the daily actions never has to leave the Follow Us control panel in order to accomplish these tasks, and doing these tasks takes about 2 minutes per day. You either click on the checkbox to “do it”, or swipe to the right to “not do it”. In both outcomes, our software ‘sees’ what you decided to do and in this manner, learns from you as to what kind of customer you’re looking for.

Follow Us will recommend action items such as liking, re-tweeting or following certain people that it believes are likely to be interested in your business. It does this to first get their attention. For those that prove interested, our platform develops a personality matrix from their social media content and then finds other people who have similar traits. Follow Us is built on our proprietary AI platform, which allows it to learn incredibly quickly.


Artificial Intelligence. The Follow Us service is wrapped around our proprietary deep machine learning software that we built from the ground up. Other than working very closely with Twitter and Instagram, we do not use anyone else’s software. Our software is focused on human behavior prediction and applied behavior analysis. To put it plainly, based on ‘a whole bunch of stuff’, Follow Us builds personality matrices and is able to determine, with incredible accuracy, who is more likely to become a customer of your business. Because we utilize state of the art neural net and deep machine learning protocols (our CTO is an industry expert), Follow Us learns faster than humans ever can and is able to amass, analyze and apply what it learns faster than an army of humans ever could.

Does Follow Us Work Best With A Particular Type Of Business?

Follow Us works with practically any kind of business, whether you’re a brick and mortar business or a service professional.

What Is The Monthly Cost For Paying Subscribers?

Follow Us charges a monthly subscription fee per store location and does not have any additional fees of any kind. If you are a brick and mortar business, the number of locations is the same number as is your physical stores. For service professionals, the location(s) are the areas or cities you service. When you subscribe, you will enter these locations into the signup wizard when you enroll. You can add and edit your locations once you subscribe at any time by logging into your Follow Us account.

How Much Value Am I Really Getting For My Monthly Subscription Fee?

Humans, no matter how smart or fast they are, need to eat, sleep and take breaks. Humans also need to get paid, and the better they are at what they do, the more they get paid. Mid-level social media gurus (humans) with several years of experience can earn over $80,000 annually. Three such humans would earn a combined $240,000 annually. If you do the math, because there are around 240 work days in a year, three social media gurus would cost you around $1,000/day. Moreover, humans must work very hard to obtain relevant data, often sorting through a plethora of different spreadsheets. After obtaining the data, humans need to utilize that data in a meaningful way. The problem is that even the smartest humans make inefficient interpretations and concoct biased assumptions. This leads to the derivation of incorrect conclusions. Even when the conclusions are completely accurate, the speed at which a human can react is delayed, which means lost opportunities.

Follow Us does more work, and does that work better and faster than a team of highly paid social media gurus (humans). Follow Us obtains and isolates meaningful data within milliseconds. It then utilizes, interprets and concludes appropriate actions within milliseconds. Follow Us can also learn at an exponential rate, one in which humans are simply incapable of matching. Follow Us is cutting edge, state of the art proprietary artificial intelligence software. But, it’s not human. This means that Follow Us doesn’t take breaks, doesn’t need to sleep or eat, nor does it need to get paid. While the value of Follow Us vastly exceeds that of a team of highly paid humans, Follow Us costs only $50/month per location. If you do the math, because there are (on average) 30 days in a month, and because Follow Us works 7 days a week, Follow Us costs you $1.67 a day. For literally less than a cup of coffee, your business can have more social media power than what you could give it for $1,000/day. That’s the value you’re getting with Follow Us for $50/month.

Do I Need Separate Social Media Profiles (Instagram Or Twitter) For Each Of My Locations?

Nope. If you have a multiple location business and you operate using one social media profile for Twitter and one social media profile for Instagram, then you do not need, nor should you separate social media profiles per location.

Can I Enter Separate Social Media Profiles (Instagram Or Twitter) For Each Of My Locations And Manage Them From One Follow Us Account?

Yep. If you’re a franchise or a business that enables each of its locations to manage their own social media profiles, you can enter multiple social media profiles and multiple locations into one Follow Us account, ‘map’ each social media profile to a specific location and then manage all Follow Us activities from one Follow Us account. For instructions as to how to do this, visit ‘Locations’ and ‘Social Media’ in the Quick Tutorial tab in your Follow Us Menu.

Why Do I Need To Enter My Locations Into Follow Us?

The first point of relevancy that our platform determines is the relative distance between a potential customer and the location of the business. Follow Us needs to “know” where to search, meaning, which potential customers are relevant, and that is based on the physical location of the store(s).

If I Don’t Have Physical Stores, How Many Locations Should I Enter? What Actual Location Addresses Should I Enter?

If you do not have brick and mortar stores, then you are likely a service professional who services a city or multiple regions. Enter addresses for the relevant cities that you service. If you do not have actual stores, or if your customers are not central to the physical location of your office, then you should enter addresses for every city or region that is central to the area(s) that you service.

Are These Addresses Or Locations Communicated To Potential Customers?

Absolutely not. At no time does Follow Us give to a potential consumer any location information that you enter into Follow Us. Follow Us needs to be told “where” to start searching for potentially interested customers, and the location information you supply accomplishes this need.

Is There A Generated Amount Of Followers That Follow Us Will Bring To Our Business?

We do not guarantee any number of followers to any social media profile. Be skeptical of any company that promises a number of followers, as they are likely fake Instagram and Twitter accounts. What we do guarantee is that Follow Us will organically grow your relevant followers (people who are genuinely interested in your business) on both Twitter and Instagram, provided that your business performs the daily actions recommended through Follow Us.

Do I Have To Manage This Follow Us Account, Or Can Someone From Follow Us Manage It For Me?

You manage the Follow Us account – but do not let that scare you off. We’re talking about from two to five minutes a day worth of work. You do everything right from the Follow Us account, which means that you don’t need to go to Twitter or Instagram to perform these actions. The Follow Us user interface is intuitive and practically dummy proof – it’s almost impossible to screw anything up. You simply click on the circle to like/re-tweet/follow, or swipe the row to the right to “not” do something.

Why Do We Need To Manage The Follow Us Account? Why Can’t You Do It For Us?

We need you to manage the account because the Follow Us AI (artificial intelligence) learns from what you decide to do and/or dismiss from your list. Every time you perform an action, Follow Us learns more about the kind of customer you’re looking for.

What Exactly Do I Do When I Go Into The Follow Us Account?

You’ll go straight to the main area, which as you know by now is called the To Do list. Here, you’ll see a list of suggested actions to perform, such as liking, re-tweeting and following. You simply click on the circle to like/re-tweet/follow, or swipe the row to the right to “not” do something.

You’ll also see recommendations of when to post both to Twitter and to Instagram. These recommendations are based on a sophisticated algorithm that takes into account a number of factors, including but not limited to days of the week and times when social media users in your area are generally available. When you tap on the cell to post something to Instagram on your mobile device, it will automatically hook into and open the Instagram app. When you tap on the cell to post something to Twitter, you’ll be able to do the entire tweet right from the Follow Us To Do List.

How do I know which posts to approve and which posts not to approve?

As long as you do not find the post or the social media user offensive, you should perform the action. Don’t worry if the post doesn’t seem relevant to your business. For example, if your business happens to be a chain of yogurt shops, and a person posts something like “oh man, do I love this Winter weather!”, even though that phrase has a misplaced modifier and may need a proper grammar lesson, you should still like the post (yes, even if you do not like this Winter weather). Follow Us needs you to perform these actions in order to work its magic.

How Often Should I Be Receiving Emails From Follow Us To Perform Actions?

You will receive emails on a daily basis and they will generally arrive into your email’s inbox at 9am EST. Make sure that any emails sent from ‘followus.services’ and ‘socialmediaservices.us’ are set to go into your inbox and are not marked as spam.

How Does Follow Us Display Our Business To Social Media Users? Via Links To Our Website And/Or Store Locations? As Ads And/Or Pop-Ups?

Actually, none of the above. Social media users never know that Follow Us exists. While our platform facilitates on your behalf all the actions (such as liking, re-tweeting and following) you determine you want to perform, from the perspective of the social media user, your business has performed this action organically. When the social media user gets the notification via email or push notification it says that your business performed the action. The social media user simply clicks on the notification to be taken to your social media profile. In this way, the social media user has chosen to learn more about your business by visiting your social media profile and has been educated in a completely organic method about your business. We want social media users to discover you in a completely organic way – not with an ‘in your face’ ad. Social media users will never be contacted through our platform directly, nor will they be contacted via our platform on your behalf through an ad, direct message, pop-up or any other method.

Does Follow Us Post On Our Behalf? Can We Schedule Posts To Twitter Or Instagram Using Follow Us?

At no time does Follow Us post on your behalf. There are many great companies that offer post scheduling software. We’ve chosen to focus all our efforts on providing a service that other companies do not, which is organically growing your Twitter and Instagram presence with social media users who are relevant to your business and more likely to become your customers. While many social media agencies also offer to grow your social media following, they are very expensive because they need a team of humans (we call them Social Media Gurus) in order to provide this service. Simply put, humans cost money. Our goal was to provide the Follow Us service at a monthly subscription that any business can afford. It doesn’t matter if you operate a brick and mortar business with one location or hundreds of locations, or if you’re a service professional servicing one city or an entire state. At $50/month per location, Follow Us is affordable on any marketing budget.

Is There A Contact Number For Your Service In Case We Need Further Information Or Assistance?

With questions about Follow Us, please feel free to call us directly at 732-354-1773. If you’ve been communicating with us through email, then when you call please ask to speak to your representative by name.