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To Do

Follow Us subscribers receive daily emails that log you (or whomever you put in charge of this) into your Follow Us account, where you simply look at and respond to the recommended action items on the list. The person performing the daily actions never has to leave the Follow Us control panel in order to accomplish these tasks, and doing these tasks takes about 2 minutes per day. You either click on the checkbox to “do it”, or swipe to the right to “not do it”. In both outcomes, our software ‘sees’ what you decided to do and in this manner, learns from you as to what kind of customer you’re looking for.

Follow Us will recommend action items such as liking, re-tweeting or following certain people that it believes are likely to be interested in your business. It does this to first get their attention. For those that prove interested, our platform develops a personality matrix from their social media content and then finds other people who have similar traits. Follow Us is built on our proprietary AI platform, which allows it to learn incredibly quickly.

As long as you do not find the post or the social media user offensive, you should perform the action. Don’t worry if the post doesn’t seem relevant to your business. For example, if your business happens to be a chain of yogurt shops, and a person posts something like “oh man, do I love this Winter weather!”, even though that phrase has a misplaced modifier and the person who wrote it may need a proper grammar lesson, you should still like the post (yes, even if you do not like this Winter weather). Follow Us needs you to perform these actions in order to work its magic.

You’ll also see recommendations of when to post both to Twitter and to Instagram. These recommendations are based on a sophisticated algorithm that takes into account a number of factors, including days of the week and times when social media users in your area are generally available. When you tap on the cell to post something to Instagram on your mobile device, it will automatically hook into and open the Instagram app. When you tap on the cell to post something to Twitter, you’ll be able to do the entire tweet right from the Follow Us To Do List.

Contact Information

Make sure that your contact info is always current, otherwise Follow Us doesn’t have a way to communicate with you or with the person whom you put in charge of managing your Follow Us account. Just click on the EDIT button to make changes, and then click on the DONE button to save your changes.


Here you’ll see all your listed locations. To add locations, click on the Add Location tab and add the additional address information. Remember that the Follow Us platform enables businesses that service a geographic region to organically grow their relevant Twitter and Instagram following, so we need to know what the geographic region is. You communicate this to Follow Us by adding locations. Remember that Follow Us charges a monthly subscription fee per location. If your locations have separate social media profiles, please add those additional social media profiles in the Social Media section, and then from the Locations section click on the location, click EDIT, select the social media profile(s) to associate with each location and then click DONE to save your changes.


Please make sure that your billing information is always current, and please note that if or when you need to change your billing information, Follow Us automatically validates the new form of payment in order to save your billing profile. To make changes, click EDIT, make the changes and then click DONE to save your changes. You will start to receive emails from Follow Us if there are any billing issues, and you will also receive notifications by email once when your credit card’s expiration date begins to approach.

Social Media

Here you can check on the stats of your existing social media profiles. You can also add additional social media profiles to link to locations if your locations each have their own social media profile. There is no extra charge for linking additional social media profiles to your Follow Us account. To disable a social media profile, simply click on your user name. Once the form expands, slide the green button from the right to the left. To re-enable a social media profile that has been disabled, slide the grey button from the left to the right. To add an additional social media profile, please click on the appropriate button. Make sure that on your web browser you are currently logged in as the additional social media profile you want to add to Follow Us before you click on the “Add…” button, otherwise it “won’t work.”

Account Status

Here you you can deactivate and reactivate your Follow Us account, see your monthly subscription fee, how many locations are in your account and other pertinent data.


Business Type

Storefront – select this if you are a business with one or multiple brick and mortar locations.

Professional Service – select this if you are a business with no brick and mortar locations. Follow Us will use the locations you entered to represent the geographic region(s) that you service.

Keywords – add keywords that are relevant to your business. Try to stick to hashtags that truly encapsulate your business. Think “if I was one of my customers, and I needed to buy something from my business, what words would I search for?” Don’t be surprised if you only think of a small handful of terms, this is normal and expected.

Coupon – Follow Us can post a coupon to your social media profile. Follow Us does not track these coupons, does not generate a percentage of sales earned through use of these coupons, and it is up to the business to decide what discount to give. You can choose not to enable Follow Us to post this coupon by sliding the green button from the right to the left to deactivate this feature. If you do use the Coupon feature, and if you use the default template, Follow Us will insert the name of your business in the second (currently empty) line of text toward the bottom of the coupon. Follow Us will also insert the Follow Us logo in the center of the coupon, so that you recognize that this coupon was given to you by a customer who discovered your business through Follow Us. You can upload your own coupon to Follow Us instead of using our coupon simply by tapping on the current coupon graphic in this section or by clicking EDIT COUPON on the top right of your screen.

Quick Tutorial

A quick overview of all the different sections of the Follow Us platform and what everything does.


Detailed answers to questions pertaining to the Follow Us platform, its functionality and best practices to achieve the best results.


If you’re having some technical issues, here’s the best place to check first. If you can’t find the answer here, shoot us an email or give us a call.

Log Out

Tap on this to log out of Follow Us. You can be logged into Follow Us from multiple web browsers without any issues, and there is no extra charge to stay logged into your Follow Us account indefinitely. If you are managing multiple Follow Us accounts, then you will need to log out of each account when you switch between Follow Us accounts. Tapping on the Log Out button will take you to the Follow Us Log In screen.